Aims of Isna-mse



- between the different professions


- with institutions


- with international Snoezelen organizations


- with parents unions


- with social workers from prison and department for drug addicts





- of the idea of Snoezelen


- publications on the internet about Snoezelen


- information in magazines and books


- regular meetings and congresses


- help with building up and support national organizations


- forum for discussion on the homepage


- link to selected homepages


Continuing education:


- courses, subject –days


- international accepted additional skill


- advice for the members


- disposition of the venues for international qualification „Snoezelen“ in all federal states


- International Qualification “Snoezelen” in English


- international venues for qualification „Snoezelen“


- opening of the international qualification “Snoezelen” for advanced training from teachers


- increase of tutoring pool




- development of a curriculum


- Acceptation as a treatment in pedagogic intervention


- Acceptation as a treatment in therapeutic intervention


- Acceptation to intercommunicate


- development of research projects


- Publications ( English, German, French )



Advancement :


Advancement : - co – operation with firms without additions


- proposals for the development of new equipment


- compiling a list of people and facilities around the world, who are active in Snoezelen


- compiling existing and ongoing scientific research projects


- building up of information pool, independent of companies


- building up of own information brochure


- development of an international concept for education


and further education, accepted worldwide


- co-operation with companies of resources for equipment of Snoezelen rooms with especially


needs of visual impaired people and multi – disabled below the aspect of Augmentative and


Alternative Communication