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Barry Emons is located in the Netherlands and has been involved in Snoezelen for over 32 years. Barry Emons Company is the oldest and most experienced Snoezelen supplier in the world. Today we still work closely with the ISNA-mse and Ad Verheul the founder of Snoezelen. We have shipped to 30 countries in the world and can communicate in 5 languages: Dutch, English, French, German and basic Spanish. Please visit our website and let us help you to establish your snoezelen experience

TFH is an export-focused manufacturer of innovative Multi-Sensory equipment. Our warehouses in the UK, USA and Canada carry over £1 million of stock. We are determined that our customers receive top-quality reliable equipment that is easy to use.  Our goal is to develop the Snoezelen concept through the application of familiar technology (such as iPads) and we hope to collaborate with ISNA-mse to that end.

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