Thank you to all the participants of this wonderful conference in Buenos Aires!

You took us on a voyage around our senses, filling up our bodies and souls tanks with joy, knowledge and well-being. This is Snoezelen-Conference! To begin, Prof. Ana Maria Gonzalez Galli guided us into a wonderful, short-time but every efficient experience of our senses, a 5-minute-oasis of wellbeing, Beautiful!


Prof. Paul Pagliano from Australia and Dr. Anthony McCrovitz helped us understand better how our brains and behavior/reactions function. Thanks to Ad Verheul and Maurits Eijgendal we could see and enjoy to better understand the developments of Snoezelen over the last 40 years.

David Grupe let us dive into sensory particularities, especially for people with Down-Syndrome.


In many workshops you could learn more about:


-   Offering wonderful moments in Snoezelen for people with dementia,

-   How to use music and how to choose,

-  Snoezelen in families,

-   Joyful moments for working with people with special needs,

-   Travelling your imagination and using the sound/tones of your voice to travel and deeply relax,

-   And so much more...


For those who felt the need to escape the city and everyday life, the Nicole Ling’s workshop: “A day deep down under the sea – a practical experience!”. Diving into the ocean, experiencing our bodies in a different, playful way was fabulous. Here you could live Stimulation and Relaxation to refill your engine!

Very impressive was Maria José’s workshop on giving a positive change by encouraging the behavior and the relation of a woman with a mental handicap and her father. Over a year of work with Snoezelen and working on their relationship, socially and physically, was made together in a documentary film of 20 min. You touched me to tears, thank you for these wonderful, magic moments.

Thank you all for the beautiful, very interesting moments and of course all the great pictures together!


David Grupe