Riding on two horses at the same time




The main aim of the “Riding School without barriers” is for disabled people to take much pleasure in riding.


That is mostly done in a horizontal position since people with severe multiple disabilities are usually not able to sit on a horse.


The use of a so-called “wagon-bed” (in Dutch: “Huifbed”) is used to achieve this aim.


Two horses are harnessed to a steel frame on wheels. A sheet is spanned on the upside of the frame directly over both horses’ backs.


The lies on the sheet and gently touches both horses’ backs. The motion of the horses trotting and the warmth of the horses’ bodies lead to the user being massaged in a very natural manner.


Because of this activity the wagon-bed doesn’t just cause pleasure but it has also a high therapeutic effect for the user. The natural movement of the body and other activities promote and have a positive influence in general on the relaxation of a disabled person.


In the course of time it has become apparent that riding/driving the wagon-bed has positive effects particularly on people suffering from obstipation and on people who have saliva accumulation on the lungs due to unnatural posture. That usually occurs in people with physical disabilities (i.e. paraplegia) or people with severe multiple and mental disabilities. In general these problems are dealt with during intense physiotherapy but that can be a painful process.


That same effect achieved by physiotherapy can be achieved by riding/driving the wagon-bed due to the natural relaxation and the way the body is massaged - but without the pain.


Many parents of children with multiple disabilities experience riding/driving the wagon-bed as positive and as one of the mum of a severely multiple disabled girl once said: … one of the few moments when I can see that my daughter is really happy, which in return makes me happy and gives me strength and zest of life.




In the Netherlands riding/driving the wagon-bed is an acknowledged form of therapy and is partly accepted by health insurances. The Riding School does work in conjunction with doctors and therapists.








The founder of this riding-school was Johan Roelofsen.


Johan Roelofsen was a milkman, who delivered his milk by cart and horse. He was always amazed by the interest his horses sparked in children and disabled people. While still delivering his milk he started a riding school and in the midseventies he came up with the idea of the wagon-bed.


It was around the same time when De Hartenberg got in contact with Johan Roelofsen. We were amazed by his enthusiasm and his resourcefulness. Whatever ideas he had he managed to put them into practice.




During those first years he visited De Hartenberg many times with his horses and inventions and our disabled residents could help to test their effectiveness.




What started as a the hobby of a milkman has now developed into a well known Riding School offering a place of sanctuary where many disabled people spend quality time with relatives and friends. It has not always been easy for Johan and he had to overcome many problems over the years but with the help of others he was able to put his ideas into practice.








for people with severe multiple disabilities




Disabled people and their carers have the opportunity to stay for a few days and enjoy a little holiday.


The “Riding School without barriers “ offers apart from the bedrooms two large group rooms for disabled people and their friends and relatives. They are designed to fit the needs of severely multiple disabled people. There is also a cosy living room with waterbed, ball pond, radio, TV and video.  Large sliding doors open to the patio which has garden chairs and parasols.


The bedrooms are equipped with height-adjustable beds with rails. There are lift aids, disabled toilets and all bathrooms have adjustable showers.


Each flat has a fully equipped kitchen with all mod cons.




The two flats are laid out as follows:


“De Opkamer” has four bedrooms capable of housing17 people; out of that 9 are adapted to the needs of disabled people.

“Het Voorhuis” has three bedrooms capable of housing 20 people; out of that 10 are adapted to the needs of disabled people.







for families with  a severely multiple disabled child




On the first floor of the “Riding School without barriers” are guest rooms for families with one or more disabled children. The rooms, named “De Hilt” and “De Hoef” are accessible via a lift. They are equipped entirely for the care of disabled children.


The bedroom, designed to fit the needs of the disabled, has a call system, a lift aid, two height-adjustable beds and a bathroom adapted to the needs of disabled people including toilet, adjustable shower and a wardrobe. There is one bedroom for the parents and one for relatives which is equipped with three beds, adjacent bathroom with shower and toilet.


The cosy living room is equipped with a radio, TV, video and a waterbed for the disabled child/ren. There is an open kitchen fully equipped with all mod cons such as ceramic hob, fridge and microwave.


The two guest rooms share a patio with parasols and garden furniture. In the hall is an Airtramp (large air cushion) for all the children.




Guestrooms for grandparents or other companions




For accompanying people there are two guestrooms on the first floor, “De Sliet” and “’t Gebint”. These rooms are also furnished with modern bedrooms with two beds each, a bathroom with shower and toilet.








There is also a very comfortable common room in the Riding school, called “De Deel”.


The common room is also equipped to fit the needs of disabled people, there are waterbeds, relaxation mattresses etc. There are adjacent disabled toilets and changing rooms. It is meant to be a cosy meeting place for all visitors and residents. Coffee, tea, soup and other drinks are available at self-service.




Because the “Riding School without barriers” offers a pleasant ambience for everybody, there is also a lot on offer for siblings of disabled people.


There are handcarts, bicycles, a Kettcar, scooters and other wide ranging equipment. Some of the items such as wheelchair – bikes, can also be used and fully enjoyed by disabled children.


Behind the main building is a little farm for children with goats, chicken, rabbits and birds. Sometimes the children are given the opportunity to help feeding the animals.










The “Riding School without barriers” is surrounded by beautiful country side. During pleasant weather, it is a delight to go for walks and enjoy the animals. A tour on the wagon is a great way to discover the surrounding area. A wheelchair accessible wagon is provided.








In the “Riding School without barriers” it is possible for groups of disabled people to go on day- or half day trips. There are different activities available such as a trip on the “Wagon-bed” (“Huifbed”), a tour on the wagon and eating doughnuts.






Surrounding area


In the immediately surrounding area it is possible to go on lovely walks. For guests staying longer at our facility we can suggest the following activities:




Swimming pool “De Vrije Slag” The beautiful open-air swimming pool is 10 minutes on foot away.

Swimming pool “Aquarijn” in Renkum. The swimming pool has a water temperature of 32-33 Degrees Celsius.

Doughnut house “Panoramahoeve” The restaurant has a play garden and is situated in the woods of Bennekom approximately 4 km away.

Cheese farm, where you can make your own cheese.

Museum in Bennekom (wheelchair accessible) There are many old musical boxes and organs to hear and to see. The museum is fully equipped to fit the needs of wheel chair users.

Animal garden “Ouwenhand’s” in Rhenen in woodlands with bears

Animal garden “Burger Zoo” in Arnhem

Monkey park “Apenheul” in Apledoorn

Wheelchair accessible shopping centre in Veenendaal

National Park “De Hoge Veluwe” providing wheelchair-bikes free of charge.

Snoezelen-room in the Centre “De Hartenberg”







Unfortunately pets are not permitted.








The “Riding School without barriers” in Bennekom is situated in beautiful surroundings of the woodlands de Veluwe.


You reach us via the A12 (motorway Oberhausen-Utrecht), exit 24 Bennekom, follow the road towards the direction of Bennekom/Wageningen. At the traffic light turn left towards Bennekom. Take the first turn on the left onto Bovenbuurtseweg.














Wagon-bed riding addresses in the Netherlands:


Stichting Manege zonder Drempels te Bennekom (Gld):


Stichting Manege ’t Huifbed bij het Paardensportcentrum "de Steegh" te Berghem (N-Br.):


Stichting Dupla bij manege Bucephalus te Barsingerhorn (N-H):


Stichting Daelzicht bij Manege De Huif, Heel (L):


Zorgboerderij de Driehoek te Beltrum (Gld):


Manege Bergemo te Heijen (L.):


Stichting Ruitersport Centrum Dennendal bij Prinses Máxima Manege te Den Dolder (Utr.):


Stichting HandiCAP te Tilburg (N-Br.):


Huifkarbedrijf de Noorse Fjord te Hilversum (N-H):

Het Tinkerbed VZW te Ronse (België):


Stichting Manege de Zandewierde te Nieuwe Wehl (Gld) :




Stichting Arduin bij Manege Paardoes te Vlissingen (Z):




Stichting Paardrijden Gehandicapten IJsselmuiden (SPGIJ) bij Ruitersportcentrum IJsselmuiden: 038 – 3333440




Manege Bolderhoeve te Sliedrecht: Tel.: 0184-499006


Rijstal Breimer te Tjerkgaast: 0514-531330 of 06-51505205 te Rosmalen. Voor meer informatie mail dan naar


Meer algemene organisaties zijn:


De Federatie Paardrijden Gehandicapten:


Hippische Wedstrijdsport Gehandicapten:








Stichting Manege zonder Drempels

Postbus 147 6720 AC Bennekom (Gld)

Locatie: Bovenbuurtweg 50a


Telefoon: 0318 415110












Stichting Daelzicht


Postbus 5002, 6097 ZG Heel

locatie: Manege De Huif, Schutteheide 2, 6097 HA Heel (L)

Telefoonnummer 0475-577600.












Stichting Dupla


Weereweg 120 - 1732 LN  Lutjewinkel (N-H).






tel. 0224541508.


locatie: manege Bucephalus (,


Heerenweg 250a, 1768 BL Barsingerhorn, tel: 0224 531990








Zorgboerdrij de Driehoek


Zieuwentseweg 27, 7156 RA Beltrum (Gld)


tel.: 0544-352432












Manege Bergemo

Hommersumseweg 39, 6598 MC Heijen (L.)

Telefoon: 0485-513194












Stichting Paardrijden Gehandicapten IJsselmuiden (SPGIJ)


Oudendijkstraat 9, 8266 CE Kampen


Locatie: Ruitersportcentrum IJsselmuiden


Oosterholtseweg 4a, 8271 PT IJsselmuiden (Ov)


Telefoon 038 – 3333440








Stichting Ruitersport Centrum Dennendal


locatie: Prinses Máxima Manege


Dolderseweg 170, 3734 BP Den Dolder (Utr.)


tel: 030-2299422












Stichting HandiCAP

Bredaseweg 570, 5036 NB  Tilburg (N-Br.)


tel.: 013-464 5437 of 06-51280912












Rijstal Breimer


Gaestdijk 4, 8522 MV Tjerkgaast,


Tel.: 0514-531330 of 06-51505205






Huifkarbedrijf de Noorse Fjord

Van de Sandebakhuyzestraat 4, 1223 CW Hilversum (N-H)

Tel : 035 6854201


e-mail :




Het Tinkerbed VZW


Zandstraat 30, 9600 Ronse (Vlaanderen).


Telefoon: 055/30.57.66 of gsm: 0472/92.49.82










Stichting Manege ’t Huifbed


secretariaat: Gelissenstraat 6, 5344 JV Oss


locatie: Paardensportcentrum "de Steegh"


Harenseweg 16, 5351 NG Berghem (N-Br.)


tel.: 0412-403545












Stichting IPSE


Locatie: Manege Craeyenburch


Brasserskade 4, 2631 NC Nootdorp (Z-H)


Tel.: 015-310.23.80










Stichting Manege de Zandewierde,


Oud-Doesburgseweg 7, 7031 HS Nieuwe Wehl (Gld)


Tel: 0314 381155












Stichting Arduin (Manege Paardoes)


Beatrixlaan 24, 4461 PN Goes


Locatie: manege Paardoes


Bosweg 6, 4383 TV Vlissingen


Tel.: 0118-490423




e-mail: of






Stichting Bolderhoeve


Postbus 121, 3360 AC Sliedrecht


Locatie: Manege Bolderhoeve (op terrein Merwebolder)


Craijensteijn 1, 3363 AA Sliedrecht


Tel.: 0184-499006