preparing to launch a number of projects on Snoezeln-MSE


The Arabic Snoezelen Group ( Member of ISNA ) is preparing to launch a number of projects on Snoezelen-MSE in the Arabic countries , the group president & founder Mr.Fahad AlQabba said :  Arab countries are now beginning to pay attention to Snoezelen –MSE . he Add : The Group Aims to :

-Dissemination of the concept and applications of the Snoezelen –MSE around the Arab countries .

-Provision and dissemination of documented scientific resources of the Snoezelen –MSE .

- Enrichment of Arabic scientific content of the Snoezelen –MSE.

- Cooperation with governmental and private institutions interested in the Snoezelen –MSE .

-Partnership Development with ISNA-MSE and with organizations, committees and national groups around the world working in Snoezelen –MSE .

-Supporting the exchange, production and translation of research and scientific studies about Snoezelen –MSE .

- Design and implementation of training programs on Snoezelen –MSE .

-Providing a consultation and technical support to governmental and private institutions in the field of Snoezelen –MSE .


Contact :

 You can contact the group through our Twitter account @ASnoezelen or by email: