Forbrain Snoezelen Room

First snoezelen room open to the public in Portugal.

It opened in 2014, in Lisbon, Parque das Nações.

Provides services to children with special needs, adults and elderly.

In 2016 opened a second room snoezelen in Amora.

It develops a vast training program in snoezelen and other matters related to sensory stimulation.

Forbrain also created the country's first sensory nursing home for the elderly and is expanding that network

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My name is Francisco Alvernaz and I'm the founder of the Forbrain Snoezelen Room project in Portugal.


In 2014 I created the first room Snoezelen open to the public in Portugal.

At that time there were few rooms in our country and those that existed were inside institutions and were only intended for the clients of these.

With the creation of the Forbrain Snoezelen Room (Lisbon) it became available to the public in general, Snoezelen therapy created by you.

We invest a lot trying to spread the word of the Snoezelen

Today there are more than 300 Snoezelen rooms in our country.

Our Facebook has more than 25,000 followers.

I humbly believe that we have done a good job in publicizing Snoezelen and we have helped hundreds of people (children, adults and seniors)

I created this year the first Sensory Home for the elderly, in the Algarve

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