Call for papers conference September 2023

We are happy to invite speakers to the International conference on Snoezelen/mse in September 29-30

Place: Valparaiso University, Indiana, USA

We do not know at this point how many speakers will be there, but depending on this we will make workshops and keynote with about 1 hour durance.

People from all over the globe are expected to participate and we would love to have many workshops, building on different cultures. the main theme for the conference. “many cultures, many ways of interacting in the Multi Sensory environment”

Please feel free to send an application, where you, with base in your work/education/experience can ad knowledge to guest of this conference. Our members and participants are always very happy to hear about known og new subjects! Your speach can built on personal experiences with MSE, or on science about personal relationships from philosophy, psychology or other specialties you might be working with. You will not be payed for your speech, but, if our economy makes it possible we will give you a shortage on the conference fee. We do not know the size of the fee at the moment, but we will do our best to keep it low. We would like your answer before May 5th

 In “your Message” please write something about your topic and your speech.


    As soon as we have more details, we will announce them here on the site.

    Speakers will be contacted directly

    The ISNA-mse conference will be held in Valparaiso. Indiana. and is organized in cooperation with Valparaiso University