Statuts for ISNA International Snoezelen Association, October 2011


  • 1:

The name of the association is:ISNA, International Snoezelen Association
The association is also called International Multi-sensory  Association

The official homepage is 

  • 2:

The purpose of the association is to take care of the interests of professionals and “common” users to both private and public authorities in order to advance the development and use of Snoezelen throughout the world.

We work for:

. Publications of scientific and pedagogical articles on websites, in magazines and books

. Creation of a training network, for the development of methods and contents in various application fields

  • Further research into the effects of Snoezelen within all populations.

The society’s members include: individuals and institutions from different countries and also hosts established national ISNAs under its umbrella-


  • 3:

The association is independent of commercial interests

  • 4:

Any person or institution that works with or is related to the use of Snoezelen is eligible for membership of the association. Personal or institutional membership is available.

  • 5:

The General Assembly is the highest authority. The AGM (the Annual General Meeting) is held every year in connection with the annual international ISNA conference. Alternatively the AGM can take place in the President’s homeland. The GMA is convened on ISNA’s official website, 

An extraordinary General Assembly Meeting is held whenever a majority of the Board or 1 / 3 of the members request it.

Members shall be informed in writing at least 30 days in advance of a physical meeting and maximum 14 days before an electronic meeting. The notice shall be accompanied by an agenda of matters to be considered at the meeting.

  • 6:

The AGM shall include at least the following points:

  • Election of Chairman among the members of the board
  • Choice of referent
  • President’s Report for the past year.
  • The treasurer presents the audited accounts for approval.
  • Proposals
  • Determination of quota
  • Election of board members and 2 alternates
  • Election of auditor and deputy auditor
  • Other Items

The AGM will take place at the international ISNA conference. Alternatively the meeting can take place in the President’s homeland

  • 7:

Proposals from members must be in writing and sent to the President at least one week before the AGM. Proposers must be present at the meeting in order to motivate the proposals.

  • 8:

The Board consists of 15 members. Board members are elected for 3 years.

Five of the members of the Board are for election every 3rdyear. The Board may be extended with up to 2 members, by ordinary majority in general meeting, twice in a row.

We will try to make sure the main world languages are represented in this board.

The board will have two substitutes.

The Board elects the President, and can elect a Vice president. A treasurer and a secretary are elected and it can elect a press contact at the annual board meeting after the AGM amongst the board members.

The Board holds an annual meeting in connection with the annual International Snoezelen Association conference after the AGM has been held Alternatively the meeting can take place in the President’s homeland.

Additionally, if required, the board can establish committees, consisting of at least 1 board member and members of ISNA.

  • 9:

Decisions at AGM are made by majority vote of those present.

Changes to the ISNA statues/bylaws can only happen at an AGM and must be approved by at least 60% of the members. If this quota cannot be met, an extraordinary AGM must be convened not earlier than 14 days and within 30 days of the general meeting. Resolutions at the Extraordinary AGM are adopted by a simple majority vote of those present.

  • 10:

The Board represents the ISNA and handles its affairs under the authority of the AGM, as it disposes of ISNA funds to promote ISNA purposes.

The Board cannot borrow money without AGM approval.

  • 11:

The Board shall keep minutes of its deliberations.

Board decisions are valid only when a majority of its members are present, including President or Vice President. Extra meetings can be held electronically, if necessary.

  • 12:

ISNA’s fiscal year runs from October 1st in one year to September 30th the next year.

12 B

The Association is legally bound by the individual signature of the president, the vice president, the cashier and the co-founder of isna-mse,  who is a life time member of the board. The vice president, and the cashier are both responsible for the founds of the association, and they have both access to the associations bank account. 

  • 13

Appointment of auditors

An independent auditor is appointed.

The independent auditor is appointed at the annual board meeting and will look through the association’s accounts and approve it before the annual meeting. They do not physically need to be present at the general meeting.

  • 14:

ISNA quota year runs from October 1st to September 30th the next year.

Payment contingents either as an individual or as an institution: the quota is decided at the AGM.

  • 15:

The yield of the quota is used to promote dissemination of knowledge about Snoezelen including support to networking between the countries (covering the cost of maintaining the website, hiring rooms for meetings, travel expenses of members in conjunction with conferences , development of courses and training in Snoezelen and support for publications of various kinds about Snoezelen. Decisions are to be approved by the board.

  • 16:

If the association is dissolved, any assets are used to promote development of Snoezelen. The Board decides which projects it will support.