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the next international conference is now planned to take place in September 2022 in Belgium. More news later!

Some of the subjects we talked about


Like everybody else in our world today, we can only meet online, but fortunately it is a possibility in these difficult times. 

We had a meeting this week and we will inform you about important subjects.


The conference in 2021 is postponed (again)


The international conference was planned to occur in Belgium Le Mons this fall.

We just do not believe this is possible. Maybe some people can travel, others cannot.

So, we decided to ask the Belgian organizers to move the conference to 2022.

And fortunately, they accepted.

We plan to have our next conference in April 2022 in Charleroi Belgium. We are grateful the organizers are willing to find a new date for the second time. There will be a local conference (in French) at the planned date this fall.

This means that the only international isna-mse conference in 2022 is in the spring instead of the fall.

ISNA qualifications

 Sometimes we are asked to, officially, improve Snoezelen rooms.

This is not possible.

Rooms are always depending on country, financial opportunities, and cultural interests.

Snoezelen is about the relationship between a caring person and a person who needs/enjoys care, and we would love to qualify this relationship. We do this by organizing ISNA improved courses in many languages and many countries. Find your teacher on our homepage or contact your local ISNA-mse.

 Member Fee

 In spite of a lot of work our cashier did not succeed in collecting the annual membership fee from all members. We will not demand payment this year, because we do not have a conference. But we hope you will pay the fee before the next conference in April 2022.


Facebook group

 Our ISNA-mse Facebook group is growing every day. We will soon have a thousand people there, many very active, which is great! We urge suppliers to use this group in a modest way and only tell about new inventions people need to know about.  lick the ‘F’ symbol in top, or click here to visit the group


The site

 To keep our site interesting of all, please send information you want to share with other people. This can be about research, course to be planned or whatever could be nice to know. Send your information to maurits@isna-mse.org and we will take care of it. companies can have information on our site, but it will be marked as an announcement, and cost a little  money that can help us keep the site in the air.





Linda Messbauer passed away

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Dear parents with children and members of the ISNA-MSE,

Due to the corona crisis, many children and adults with limitations are unable to visit their day care because in most countries this day care is still closed or only partially open.

This situation has a big impact on the family situation, because often the home environment for someone with a disability is not always optimal.

Many parents are not able to respond to this problem, because of lack of time if one or both parents are going to their jobs

We are often approached with requests to advise and if possible, to support with practical examples. If you have a good idea or tips available about doing something within the home situation in the area of Snoezelen, please send us your thoughts and we will post it on the website.

Let us support each other in these difficult times and try to find simple solutions.

On the link https://isna-mse.org/homemade-snoezelen/ you will find some simple ideas that can be made by yourself and can be used in the home situation to let Snoezel activities take place

Snoezelzorg is a foundation that links the care demand of a client – people with a physical and/or intellectual disability, the elderly and people with a psychiatric background – to a snoezel caregiver or sex caregiver. They offer the possibility to make use of reliable and safe care.

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Invitation to you all to participate in a scientific Snoezelen study!


Dear ISNA members and Snoezelen colleagues worldwide,


In cooperation with the University Groningen in the Netherlands and the Academic Collaborative Center PIMD has started an international research project on the effectiveness of snoezelen in persons with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities (PIMD). We aim to use the study results to work towards a snoezelen approach that offers a good fit with people with PIMD, healthcare and education professionals and parents and relatives. We would like to ask you to help us reach participants.


We would like to ask you to distribute the following call to people you know who use snoezelen in persons with PIMD. The call and the questionnaire are available in English, German, Spanish and Dutch. For questions, please contact the contact person below.


Thank you very much in advance,




Gemma Testerink, MSc, scientist practitioner Academic Collaborative Center PIMD (Contact: g.g.m.testerink@rug.nl)

Gerdine Douma, MSc, senior research Academic Collaborative Center PIMD

Professor Annette van der Putten, chair of the management team of the Academic Collaborative Center PIMD

Find more information in the following languages:

Dear ISNA-mse official teachers

We would like to present the work of the different countries on our ISNA-MSE homepage. 


Therefore we would  like to ask if you could either send us some photos from your Snoezelen rooms or photos of working with your clients

If you like, you are welcome to write us a short text about it by presenting your work. 

Send us also the the email you would like people to use to contact you

Please send the photos via WeTransfer to svenja.fuhrmann@dein-raum.eu


If you have any questions, simply contact Svenja Fuhrmann or Maurits Eijgendaal.


Thanks in advance – we´re looking forward to your contribution

Maurits and Svenja

With the opening of a Snoezelen room, a long-cherished wish comes true for the guests of the Ronald McDonald Hoeve in Beetsterzwaag in the Netherlands.

See the duch video here on the right or read more here

Informes e inscriptión:


Mohawk College’s Multi-Sensory Lab

Located in Room A119 at Fennell Campus

What is the Multi-Sensory Lab all about?

  • Incorporates sensory equipment to help clients reach/advance their education and therapy goals.

  • The room fosters an environment that blends sights, sounds, textures, aromas and motion to provide stimulation of ones’ primary senses.

  • This client-centered room can be modified to meet specific sensory needs.

  • The most important benefit of all is that the client will have the opportunity for a meaningful leisure experience!

  • Read more and take a tour in the room here


Offical cooporation between the university of Santa Paulæa, costa rica and ISNA-mse.org.

ISNA-mse has a group of educated teachers, following a special program, approved by ISNA-mse worldwide.

There are many local ISNA-Mse around the world. find your local isna here…. and see if there are local people you can contact

We gather many scientific articles and we create contacts between people all over the globe who seek cooperation.
The published articles on this site are just for members. Login to the members page here..
We have articles in several languages, but as a non member you can see the list of English articles here

Visit Snoezelen rooms in different countries.

Feel free to send YOUR pictures to Svenja


Feel free to send your pictures to maurits@isna-mse.org