The come&sense snoezelen Center was founded by Malki New with the neuro-psychologist Dr. Shifra Whalgelerenter and with Dr. Gail Suskin.  come&sense snoezelen has developed with the understanding that that Snoezelen is a necessity in the over-stimulated environment of the 21st century.  The human sensory system must be handled with smart management and coping strategies.  Snoezelen-mse offers self-revelation through sensory experience.Snoezelen-mse enables a well-balanced, sensational way of life. Our Center is the only one in Israel that provides services to the general public. We help the tipically developed children and children with special needs who are integrated in regular education. We help them and their families to cope with sensory imbalance, and thrive in their day to day life. come&sense Snoezelen literally changes lives. Hundreds of teachers, parents and therapists have taken our Snoezelenmse program and changed the way they relate to children and to life in general. Our top level Snoezelen-mse training is approved by ISNA-mse, in collaboration with The Academic Collage at Wingate.  Join us at come&sense for your Snoezelen-mse trainingIn the link below you can check our program register with the Academic Collage at Wingate