Dr Agnieszka Smrokowska-Reichmann

Dr Agnieszka Smrokowska-Reichmann is a graduate of the Paris Lodron University in Salzburg and the Jagiellonian University in Kraków.

She is an ethicist and psychogerontologist. Works as an assistant professor at the Institute of Applied Sciences, Department of Occupational Therapy, Academy of Physical Education in Kraków.

She is an international Snoezelen teacher and the president of ISNA-MSE Poland. Agnieszka is a pioneer and promoter of the Snoezelen-MSE method in Poland and the author of the Polish name of the method: “World Experience Room” (Sala Doświadczania Świata). She is a founding member of the Polish Occupational Therapy Association which is the part of World Federation of Occupational Therapists.

Dr Smrokowska-Reichmann is the head of the Snoezelen Research Laboratory, which is the part of the Central Scientific and Research Laboratory at the Academy of Physical Education in Kraków. She supervised numerous bachelor and master theses in the field of senior care, the Snoezelen-MSE method, occupational therapy, sensory integration, ethics. She was co-supervisor of two PhD theses in the field of Snoezelen-MSE. She is the author of the manual: “Snoezelen – World Experience Room. Compendium of the caregiver and therapist” and the co-author of academic textbooks: “Medical caregiver in practice”, “Occupational therapy”, “Occupational therapy in geriatrics”, “Occupational therapy for people with intellectual disabilities”. Agnieszka is also the author of numerous scientific articles and chapters in monographs in the field of philosophical anthropology, ethics, senior therapy and care, occupational therapy, as well as Snoezelen-MSE.

She conducts regularly trainings on Snoezelen-MSE theory and practice, addressed especially to helping professions. She also teaches ethical aspects in therapy and care, innovative methods of working and communicating with seniors living with dementia and occupational therapy strategies. For many years, she has been co-operating with senior care organizations and facilities in Poland.

Currently dr Smrokowska-Reichmann is a country leader in the international project “Support of the Snoezelen concept and its integration into university education”, co-funded by Erasmus+ Programm of the EU and conducted jointly by University of Opava (Czech Republic), University of Lleida (Spain) and University of Physical Education (Poland). For the last three years she has also been a country clinical trial manager and international supervisor in the international research project “HOMESIDE. A Home-based family caregiver-delivered interventions for people living with dementia: an international randomized controlled trial”, conducted by scientists from Australia, Norway, Germany, Great Britain and Poland.