Janire Rojas

Hi, I’m Janire and I recently joined the team of teachers in ISNA-MSE. Previously I have been teaching snoezelen training from Krista’s ISNA Professional Association. Given the circumstances, I will currently continue with ISNA-MSE. I hope to coincide with you at upcoming events.


I introduce myself as a professional, I am a social educator specialized in psychomotor skills and Autism Spectrum Disorder. I have a snoezelen space in Bilbao (northern Spain) where I do therapeutic and educational sessions, with people with disabilities and in regular schools.


One of the special areas I work with  is the sensory show where we use fluorescence and luminous materials presented in an orderly manner without saturation. This show is performed in the theater.

I do Snoezelen research work together with the University of the Basque Country, at this moment we are investigating how snoezelen multisensory environments influence the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal syndrome in adults. We already have an article published!

I have written three books related to Snoezelen, they are written in Spanish but I hope to translate them into English soon:
1. 50 Snoezelen sessions. Recipe book of sensory activities
2. Snoezelen, more than an approach
3. 50 more snoezelen sessions

You can learn more in my social networks:

The website is: www.ausarti.com