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 International SNoezelen Association

multi sensory environment

Upcoming seminars about Snoezelen around the world.

2018 conference in Argentina.

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We had a great and well organized conference in BA, Argentina.

Thanks to Ana Maria Gonzales Galli and her team for excellent work!!

We did place some papers and speeches on this site, and I am still working with it.

Same code as the one for Greece.


Send me an email here


Thanks to all of you who made this

conference possible,

with love

Ana Maria

presentations from the conference

- members only-

in the Czech language  -as soon as we have some material from Pragh, it will be published her.

See the program so far here, in english

See the new pictures of the the Snoezelenroom in de Hartenberg, 2019

another 3 days with Snoezelen/mse in Pittsburgh, USA

May 16-17-18


Ad Verheul

Anthony McCrovitz and

Maurits Eijgendaal.

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Isna-mse is an association connecting people working with Snoezelen, all over the world!


The cooperation between people with many different skills can help all of us to create a positive development for Snoezelen, in scientific articles, progress on the working floor and the use of state of the art technical aids in our Snoezelen rooms.


Please send me a link to your snoezelen site, and I will link up to you!


Welcome in our community!


All members, new and old, will be asked to pay their membership fee in the beginning of the new year!


Maurits Eijgendaal

Students all over the world ask me interesting questions about the different ways Snoezelen is used in various countries.

As from to day I will publish some questions here on the site, and will be delighted if you can help me answer these students.




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Books, tell me about yours too! Send me a copy, or a PDF file, and we will read it with interest and tell about it here.


Articles from around the world, did you write something you want to share with us?


Pictures and drawings of Snoezelen rooms, get inspired!


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Meet us all over the world in National or read about us in International, where you also can meet the board.


Read about the training many of our members provide around the globe and find out what it takes to become at trained teacher, approved by us.


And many other exiting snoezelen related subjects in the articles and different descriptions.


Maybe the articles about research can inspire you.

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2018 conference in Argentina.